Universal Technical Institute Graduation Rate 2021/22 Comprehensive Stats

Universal Technical Institute Graduation

if you are interested in attending a school with extensive technical expertise, you should attend UTI school. For those seeking post-secondary education in the fields of professional automotive, diesel, collision repair, motorbike, and Marine technicians, the Universal Technical Institute is the Ideal school to learn that.

The institution has nine locations across the country where it offers certificate, diploma, and bachelor’s degree programs. In 18 unique training sites, it also provides manufacturer-specific training programs (MSAT) that are supported by the manufacturer or dealer. Read on to find out the Universal Technical Institute graduation rate and admission requirements.

Universal Technical Institute Graduation

Cost of Attending Universal Technical Institute

The cost of tuition at UTI for the 2021 academic year is $46,250. Automobile/Automotive Mechanics Technology/Technician is Universal Technical Institute most popular curriculum. The cost of tuition and fees for 2021 is $46,250.

In comparison to other private technical colleges, Universal Technical Institute’s tuition is rather inexpensive. However, it provides you with the foundation you need to begin and advance in your profession.

UTI Requirements

What UTI requirements must I meet in order to attend the school?

To ensure that you are qualified to enroll in the Universal Technical Institute, you must fulfill some entrance requirements after selecting a training location. Review the enumerated UTI requirements, then ask a qualified representative any questions you may have.

The Age Restriction

A prospective student must be at least 16 years old to be eligible for enrollment. Please be aware that the enrolment agreement must be signed by a parent or legal guardian for every student enrolling who is under the age of 18.

Admission Requirement

Before classes begin, the school makes a reasonable-certain determination that the applicant possesses the prerequisite skills to finish the course. Before the session starts, any enrolment agreement and other pertinent data given by the applicant will be examined.

All students are admitted to the UTI after accepting a matriculation contract, but there are some restrictions. Until the student’s documentation is deemed to be acceptable, the status is conditional.

It is strongly advised to give yourself enough time (preferably at least 30 days) to review the filed paperwork and notify others of your impending move to school.

Entry Requirements/Documents

Before beginning or re-enrolling, students must submit and UTI must accept one of the following in order to fulfill the school’s admittance requirements:

  1. A high school diploma that meets state requirements and is accepted by the student (documented with a copy of the diploma, a high school diploma, or DD form 214 showing proof of graduation).
    Certificates and diplomas are assessed as soon as they arrive. UTI evaluates the legitimacy of degrees and maintains the right to refuse to recognize those that are deemed invalid.
  2. Note: To complete the entry requirements, all NASCAR Tech students and Tennessee-based students attending MMI-Orlando or UTI-Houston must provide copies of their official high school credentials, not copies of their high school diplomas.
  3. Government-issued GED or a state-approved equivalent test. To be eligible, participants in MMI-Orlando or UTI-Houston who are residents of Tennessee, as well as all NASCAR Tech students, must submit certified copies of their official GEDs, not copies of their certification.
  4. A record of your participation in a post IV program under the Ability to Benefit (ATB) program prior to July 1, 2012 (documented with a copy of the official ATB test results and transcript).
  5. Completion of a post-secondary course successfully (associate degree and also demonstrated by submission of an official certificate from the college).
  6. Successful completion of a homeschooling program that has received official recognition. The documentation for homeschooling that UTI requires for approval is based on legislative standards.
  7. A copy of the diploma is needed if schooling was completed in a state that offers secondary school diplomas. Additional papers, such as a certificate listing all courses taken, their grades, and the dates they were completed, as well as a notarized statement, must be provided for review if the state does not have such criteria.
  8. The campus registrar or a representative will examine the home school records and let the applicant know if any paperwork is needed.

Universal Technical Institute Graduation

Universal Technical Institute Graduation Rate

As of August 31, 2021, the Universal Technical Institute graduation rate was 57% within 150% of the normal time, and the retention rate was 74%. When compared to similar colleges, its graduation rate is comparatively lower than the average rate (68.67% on average – private (for-profit)).

Universal Technical Institute Graduation Rate within a Reasonable Timeframe

In the academic year 2021–2022, 322 of the 561 candidates at Universal Technical Institute of Illinois Inc. completed their coursework within 150% of the typical period, or in 6 years for a 4-year BS degree. In terms of gender, 314 male and 8 female students completed their educations at the end of the school year last year. When compared to similar colleges, Universal Technical Institute graduation rate is comparatively lower than the average rate (68.67% on average – private (for-profit)).

Candidates Completers Graduation Rates
Total 561 322 57.40%
Men 543 314 57.83%
Women 18 8 44.44%

UTI Graduation Rate by Race/Ethnicity

At Universal Technical Institute of Illinois Inc., the graduation rate for American Indian or Alaska Native students is 100.00%, for Asian students it is 75.00%, for Black (non-Hispanic) students it is 33.33%, for Hispanic students it is 56.73%, for White students it is 62.01%, for Two or More Races it is 40.63%, and for Unknown students it is 40.00%.

Total Male Female
American Indian or Alaska Native 100.00%(3/3) 100.00%(3/3)
Asian 75.00%(3/4) 75.00%(3/4)
Black (Non-Hispanic) 33.33%(10/30) 33.33%(10/30)
Hispanic 56.73%(118/208) 57.71%(116/201) 28.57%(2/7)
White 62.01%(173/279) 62.36%(169/271) 50.00%(4/8)
Two or More Race 40.63%(13/32) 40.00%(12/30) 50.00%(1/2)
Unknown 40.00%(2/5) 25.00%(1/4) 100.00%(1/1)


Transfer-out and Retention Rate

By dividing the total number of students known to have transferred out of other schools within 150% of the typical time to completion by the total number of students, the transfer-out rate is determined. The transfer-out rate of Universal Technical Institute of Illinois Inc. is 0.36%.
The percentage of students that return to a college for their sophomore year is known as the retention rate. The retention rate for Universal Technical Institute of Illinois Inc. was 74% last year. When compared to similar colleges, its retention rate is about average (74.51% on average – private (for-profit) ).

Universal Technical Institute Graduation

Students Population at Universal Technical Institute

There are 1,181 total students enrolled in undergraduate degree programs at Universal Technical Institute. The school has 1,141 male students and 40 female students, divided by gender.

Compared to similar colleges, it enrolls a lot more students (173 on average; private; for-profit).

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I leave UTI?

Every campus has local employment consultants who can assist you in locating a local job that will help you pay your living expenses without interfering with your study.

To find possible positions for graduates, they have a team of professionals who collaborate with national dealers, dealers, and other companies of all sizes across the nation.

How is the work environment for Instructors at UTI?

The professors at UTI offer real-world knowledge to the classrooms and laboratories of the business schools. They are pleased to surpass that. Additionally, they assist students in becoming ready for professions in the CNC machining, welding, automotive, diesel, collision repair, motorbike, shipping, and industry.

What is the typical pay for lecturers at Universal Technical Institute?

The employment expert makes about $39,691 per year, whereas the registrar makes about $76,419 per year. The average hourly pay at the Universal Technical Institute ranges from about $15.42 for the receptionist to $27.62 for the instructor.

Is Admission to Universal Technical Institute difficult?

Admission to the Universal Technical Institute is a little challenging. Open admissions at Universal Technical Institute mean that anyone who meets the prerequisites can enroll without facing any competition.


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