Learn About 21 Tech Companies in Jacksonville, Florida

Learn About 21 Tech Companies in Jacksonville, Florida

Learn About 21 Tech Companies in Jacksonville, Florida.

Working for a technology company can provide a variety of interesting employment opportunities, including those in the fields of healthcare, information technology, banking, and cybersecurity.

Mathematicians and scientists may appreciate the societal impact and employment opportunities that these careers can provide.

Before you apply for jobs, it can be beneficial to conduct research into your options if you’re seeking employment with a technology company in a specific city. This article lists 21 tech companies in Jacksonville, Florida, along with their sizes, descriptions, and links to job openings.

List of the 21 Tech Companies in Jacksonville, Florida

The following is a list of the 21 Tech Companies in Jacksonville, Florida:

1. FIS

Tech Companies in Jacksonville, Florida

Size: 51–200 employees

This Tech Companies in Jacksonville, Florida is a global leader in financial services technology and a Fortune 500 Fintech company. Founded in 1968 under the name Systematics, the company now assists more than 20,000 clients with payment processing, financial software, and banking solutions. FIS enhances and manages processes such as mobile banking, online portfolio management, and wealth management.

2. Modis 

Size: 5,001–10,000 employees

Modis, founded in 1994 by CEO Ger Doyle, assists technology industries with their hiring processes. It accomplishes this by connecting the world’s best IT and engineering candidates with companies hiring in their respective fields. The Modis Academy program can also provide opportunities for education and career advancement.

Among the advantages of working at this  areTech Companies in Jacksonville, Florida are:

  • Health coverage
  • Vision insurance
  • option for work from home and a flexible schedule
  • paid vacation time
  • Bereavement leave
  • Stock options
  • Bonus pay
  • Retirement plan

3. The company AutoQuotes, Inc.

Size: 51–200 employees

This Tech Companies in Jacksonville, Floridawas was founded in 1990 and specializes in providing foodservice equipment manufacturers with technology solutions to streamline their sales processes.

This business provides clients with access to a comprehensive equipment database as well as marketing, quote generation, and sales-enabling technology.

AutoQuotes has recently joined Revitalize, a collection of manufacturing-focused technology companies whose mission is to elevate and support one another’s work.

4. Availity

Size: 501–1,000 employees

Availity is an American company founded in 2001 that provides services related to health care technology. The Tech Companies in Jacksonville, Florida links health care providers, technology options, and health care plans to enhance patient accessibility. Availity utilizes technology solutions to ensure patient eligibility for care coverage and to streamline the claims management and authorization process for health benefits.

5. iVenture Solutions

Tech Companies in Jacksonville, Florida

Size: 51–200 employees

iVenture Solutions was founded in 2000 as an information technology company. It has offices in Jacksonville, Orlando, and Tampa, Florida, and focuses on providing its clients with a superior IT experience through cybersecurity, cloud-based solutions, and managed services. iVenture Solutions has been recognized as a 2020-2021 Great Place To Work and provides the following benefits:

  • Medical insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Vision insurance
  • Certifications and training days paid for
    paid vacation time
  • 401(k) plan with a 4% employer match
    Company events

6. Mercury Construction

Size: 51–200 employees

This Tech Companies in Jacksonville, Florida provides its clients with technology development solutions, such as end-to-end development for mobile, web, and desktop applications and websites, in addition to other emerging technology solutions.

In addition to partnering with health and fitness companies, Mercury Development also offers support in sales, automotive, social networking, entertainment, and staff augmentation. It creates new products such as wearable technology, Bluetooth applications, and software development tools.

7. The Scarlet Band

Size: 11–50 employees

This IT support services company was founded by information technology auditors in 2007. It advises clients on strategy and financial solutions for achieving better, more affordable, and faster managed IT services.

In addition to management services, The Scarlett Group assists businesses with IT audits and consulting, cybersecurity risk assessment, and cloud strategy consulting. This Tech Companies in Jacksonville, Florida also has a location in Raleigh, North Carolina, and serves customers from Portland, Maine, Austin, Texas, and New York City.

8. PAX Technology

Size: 11–50 employees

Since its founding in 2001, PAX Technology has been developing innovative payment technology solutions. It now serves clients in over 120 countries from its Jacksonville headquarters.

This Tech Companies in Jacksonville, Florida focuses on developing secure, contactless, durable, and mobile payment options. Its hardware portfolio includes countertop retail payment devices and pocket-sized PAX mobile devices.

9. REEF Technology

Size: 201–500 employees

REEF’s mission is to promote the growth of neighborhoods and communities by supporting small businesses. This organization provides both technological and physical services and applications in order to facilitate the growth of communities and businesses. In addition, they utilize cloud technology to manage parking locations throughout North America and Europe.

10. SportsMEDIA Corporation

Size: 201–500 employees

SportsMEDIA Technology (SMT), founded in 1998, creates graphics and other visual applications for live televised sporting events, such as timers and play graphics.

It accomplishes this through the use of end-to-end technologies, such as scoring systems, data management platforms, graphics packages, tracking systems, and virtual insertion technology. Additionally, this company can manage social media integration for events and provide support for major international sporting events.

11. Utilize Technology

Size: 501–1,000 employees

This Tech Companies in Jacksonville, Florida was founded in 2014 to assist retail companies with the transition to online commerce. Using their mobile retail store technology, they collaborate with existing companies in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom to facilitate product deliveries. This includes product setup assistance and hand delivery to customers.

12. Position Four

Tech Companies in Jacksonville, Florida

Fewer than ten employees

Station Four was founded in 2007 as an advertising and digital marketing agency. This company distinguishes itself from rivals by utilizing innovative technologies to develop effective marketing campaigns.

They provide marketing strategy, user experience (UX), design, and marketing services. In addition, they provide a complimentary e-book to help clients choose the ideal marketing agency for their needs.

13. Audemus

Fewer than ten employees

This Tech Companies in Jacksonville, Florida offers its clients high-quality products, applications, websites, and custom software. It collaborates with businesses of all sizes, from startups to federal agencies.

User interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design, web and mobile development, custom software projects, data visualization and security solutions are among the specific services offered. Audemus was founded in 2015 as a service-disabled veteran-owned small business with a commitment to hiring veterans.

14. ServiceNow

Size: 5,001–10,000 employees

ServiceNow was founded in 2004 with the goal of maximizing productivity through technology-based workflow solutions.

This refers to the automation of an organization’s internal business processes in order to create more time-efficient operations. ServiceNow is currently working with 6,900 customers, including 80% of Fortune 500 companies and clients in the IT, engineering, finance, business, and creative fields.

Among the advantages of working at this Tech Companies in Jacksonville, Florida   are:

  • Parental leave
  • Flexible PTO
  • Similar contributions
  • 401(k) matching
  • Annual educational subsidies
  • Paid volunteer time

15. Duos Technologies

Size: 51–200 employees

Duos Technologies, Inc., also known as DuosTech, was founded in 2001 as a transportation technology company specializing in intelligent technology solutions for railroad safety and operation.

This Tech Companies in Jacksonville, Florida combine computer science with mechanical, electrical, and industrial engineering to develop railroading technology solutions. These include security systems powered by artificial intelligence, automated gatehouse and rail yard services, and remote inspection options.

16. Aevum

Size: 11–50 employees

Aevum is a transportation technology company founded in 2016 by Jay Skylus with the mission of facilitating space travel and access for future generations.

It develops reusable and autonomous launch vehicles powered by AI to travel to the lower orbit of the Earth. Aevum also coordinates software, satellite deployment planning, regulatory compliance, and insurance in an effort to democratize space travel and transportation in low Earth orbit. This company’s future endeavors include autonomous drones and cargo aircraft.

17. Breezy HR

Size: 11–50 employees

Breezy HR is a Tech Companies in Jacksonville, Florida  that provides clients with technology-based recruiting and hiring assistance. It employs end-to-end recruiting software to assist in attracting top talent and facilitating an efficient hiring process.

The technology includes reporting and analytics, candidate management, job posting, candidate sourcing, career portals, and team communication tools. For team members, Breezy HR provides a remote-first employment plan with flexible working options. In addition to medical, dental, and vision insurance, Breezy also offers 401(k) options.

18. Tideworks Engineering

Size: 201–500 employees

In 1999, Tideworks Technologies separated from Carrix, Inc. in order to provide terminal operating systems, administrative software, and other technical services for marine terminal operations.

The technical systems of Tidworks are useful for loading ships and trains, tracking containers, and processing payments. This company has an office in Jacksonville, Florida, in addition to its headquarters in Seattle, Washington.

19. Optum

Size: 1001–5,000 employees

Optum, founded in 1992, utilizes information and technology to streamline and improve health services for individuals and communities across the globe, including in North America, South America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East.

It utilizes health care data to develop new care strategies, such as virtual visits, pharmacy support, and health care financial management. There is also a strong emphasis on connecting traditionally distinct aspects of healthcare and creating opportunities for equitable care.

20. Environmental Consulting & Technology Corporation

Size: 51–200 employees

Environmental Consulting & Technology Inc. (ECT) is a consulting firm that uses science, management, engineering, and technology-based solutions to assist clients in the development of environmentally responsible and cost-effective projects.

This Tech Companies in Jacksonville, Florida provides consulting services in the areas of compliance and sustainability, natural resources and land use, site evaluation and remediation, and water resource management. The company was founded in 1998 in Gainesville, Florida, where its headquarters are currently located. It has over 20 offices in the United States, one of which is in Jacksonville, Florida.

ECT provides continuing education, reimbursement for professional development hours, and access to an employee assistance program to its team members.

21. Philips

Tech Companies in Jacksonville, Florida

Greater than 10,000 personnel

The Tech Companies in Jacksonville, Florida was founded in 1979, and its mission is to make the world healthier and more sustainable through innovation. This multinational corporation uses diagnostic imaging, image-guided therapy, and health informatics to develop digital and physical health care products for patients and individuals worldwide.

Among the advantages of working at Philips are:

  • Health coverage
  • Flexible schedule
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Vision insurance
  • Retirement plan
  • Dental insurance

FAQ on Tech Companies in Jacksonville, Florida

Is Jacksonville a tech hub?

A haven for tech talent, Jacksonville has the third largest monthly tech job growth rate in the nation, outranking notable tech cities such as Los Angeles, Houston and Miami

What is the main industry in Jacksonville FL?

Regional collaboration is strong and Jacksonville’s economic base is diverse. Top industries include advanced manufacturing, transportation and logistics, financial services, IT and innovation, and health and biomedical. Situated halfway between Miami and Atlanta, Jacksonville is central to the Southeast.

Are there tech companies in Florida?

Enterprise Florida states that Florida has the country’s third largest tech industry. There are over 33,000 high-tech companies in Florida

Is Jacksonville an up and coming city?

Jacksonville, Florida is among the nation’s fastest-growing cities, according to a recent report from the Jacksonville Business Journal. The city ranked 25th among the fastest-growing cities in the U.S. – adding nearly 60,000 residents over the past five years.

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