How To Make 20000 Naira Daily

How To Make 20000 Naira Daily

Make 20000 Naira Daily – You may be wondering if there is an app that allows you to earn real money. That may sound too good to be accurate, but believe me, there are apps out there that can make you real money. They may not make you rich, but they certainly help you make a decent amount of money to pay some of your bills. There are many apps you can download today to help you on your financial journey, and some of them include apps for market research, mobile advertising, and more. 

 It’s important to note that these apps can also be a way to scam you, especially if you’re asked to register for a fee or if your potential revenue is exaggerated. 


Top Apps That Can Make You 20000 Naira Daily

These apps can be downloaded and easily accessed on iOS and Android smartphones. Below are the top 4 apps you can use to make 20,000 Naira daily. 

 Let’s get started ….

1. WordPress

WordPress is one of the bigest online platform, powering over 30% of the worlds websites. To make money with it you have to learn how to use the app in other to earn real money from it. There are numerous ways to make money online using WordPress. Below are few of those ways:

  • Google AdSense. You will have to add a script from Google to your website to start displaying ads. Each time your website visitor or user clicks on an ad, google will pay you a fraction or percentage from the money spent by the advertiser for the ads. This is known as pay-per-click advertising (CPC).
  • Affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing involves you recommending another companys product or service to your audience through a special link unique to only you. You will receive a commission each time someone makes a purchase of product or service through your unique link. This is the easiest way to make money as you will need to promote different products on your WordPress platform.
  • Build a WordPress website and sell it to people. You can create a WordPress blog, boost it to gain traffic, and sell it to interested entrepreneurs. In this case, you need to know what kind of website is popular and popular, and how to price and sell it.
  • Sell sponsored blog posts. This happens when the company pays you to promote your product or service on your blog.
  • Write a paid review. You can promote people’s products and services and get people to buy or use them by writing great and great reviews about them. You will receive some cash for each evaluation.

2. Facebook

Facebook is the largest social media network worldwide which makes it a good app that You can make 20000 naira daily from whether you are living in Nigeria or any part of the World. Facebook is a very good place to start your money making journey.

Celebrities and non celebriteies are leveraging on the opportunities that Facebook presents on a daily basis to make good money. Think about starting a side business with your Facebook account, instead of using your data for chatting, watching videos, or killing boredom alone.

The best ways to make a positive impression about yourself is on your Facebook profile.Design your profile to simple, catchy and attractive with good profile photo. Give your audience a fantastic description of yourself, your location (optional), contact website, and so on on the bio section of your profile page. If you are truly business minded, your Facebook profile(Business) will attract the right customers.

You are permited to sell anything on Facebook, except for some prohibited materials like alcohol, tobacco, firearm, gambling materials, illicit drugs, and others. Anything, you are selling will be paid and picked up from an offline location but in a public area. I have a good news for you; you can buy things from an offline shop and sell it on your facebook profile. It is not compulsory that you must have a shop before selling an item on facebook.

Ways you can make 20000 Naira Daily On Facebook include:

  • Write good content: Good memorable content is like honey that attracts ants. When you distribute good content, people will notice you, and traffic will be directed to your Facebook account. With a lot of traffic, you can introduce your product to your fans. Learn how to create great content and get free Hubspot certification. 
  • Join several entrepreneurial groups: If you have a product or service you want to promote on Facebook, there are some groups created just to buy and sell. Facebook has a feature called Facebook Marketplace, where anyone can trade anything. You can bring your product to such a place. Also, some Facebook groups have set specific tags for advertising that they can use to sell themselves. 
  • Create a Facebook ad. For Facebook ads, you need to open a Facebook page. The nice thing about this feature is that you can target your audience based on location, interests, gender, age, and other criteria. However, if it’s not a trendy, in-demand product, it may not sell well. Get tips for setting up Facebook ads in Hubspot.  
  • Apply for a job. Companies and individuals promote their jobs on the Facebook page or on the Facebook Jobs tab. Some of them appear in the news feed or when you use the search button. I am lucky to get a job, whether it is a part-time job or a full-time job. In addition, you can join several groups that list online job listings to find the right job.
  • Become a social media manager: Help manage celebrity, celebrity, and organization Facebook accounts. By managing your business’s social media accounts, your responsibilities include scheduling Facebook posts, replying to comments and inbox messages, monitoring advertising campaign metrics, building your audience, and more. This is how you make some money at the end of the day.  

3. Instagram

Instagram has evolved into an endless feed of photos since its establishment. With its astronomical growth of more than a billion users, entrepreneurs have learned how to access their various audience. To make 20000 Naira Daily on the platform.

The Following Steps Will Lead You Make 20000 Naira Daily.

  • Become an influencer and build your brand. Get an impressive number of followers with enviable engagement. To do this, you have the potential to choose a niche, grow your audience, and work with great brands. You can sell your product. If you own a business, selling on Instagram is a very good channel for marketing your product. Create compelling content and turn your audience into a customer. Similarly, sponsored content allows brands and business owners to promote their products on Instagram pages. 
  • As an influencer, it’s good to know what you’re worth and how much you can charge to run an ad with a certain number of followers. Similarly, keep an eye on your competitors. Social media monitoring helps you stay on top of things and beat your competitors. Be professional and do the right thing.
  • Become an Affiliate Marketer: As an affiliate marketer, you can only make money if your followers purchase the product. But there is no stress in having to make your own product. Learn how to become an affiliate marketer with Neilpatel. 

4. YouTube

Youtube is the second largest search engine apart from google in the whole world. A lot of think that, advertising revenue is the only way to make money on YouTube. This may be the best and most common way, but it’s virtually not the only way. 1.9 billion users log into YouTube every month; every minute over 500 hours of videos are being uploaded on the platform which makes it a very good place to make 20000 Naira Daily.
Don’t let this scare you off as it shouldn’t stop you from taking advantage of the same platform to make money.

Ways you can earn 20000 naira daily from Youtube:

  • Set up and build a YouTube channel: YouTube account serves the same purpose as a Google account. Add keywords that correspond with your content in order to enable people locate your channel easily.
  • After setting up and building your account, you are required to upload a content. The content should be of high quality and not so long. Ensure you regularly upload new contents.
  • To Gain Monetization, build an audience. When people watch your content, you make money from it. Just make it catchy in order to keep them coming again and again. You can share it on different online platforms and also get your friends to help you share on their platforms to get people’s views. Respond to their comments and answer their questions.
  • Enable monetization by allowing YouTube place ads in your video. When you are able to get up to 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours within 12 months, you will start earning money from YouTube. This could be challenging, but when you master the law of engagement, it will be easier for you.
  • Set up a Google AdSense account at the AdSense website. A PayPal or valid bank account will be required of you, together with a valid email address and other personal information. Each ad click and view earns you money which adds up over time. Remember the more views it gets, the more your money increases.
  • To increase your revenue, you can engage in affiliate marketing. It has been explained above.

Benefits of Earning Extra 20000 Naira Daily

Most people find it extremly easy making money, especially if their job is paying off well. They feel the need to cut down on their budget and expenditures to accommodate an extra need. If this resonates well with you, we are here to let you kmow why making extra daily income could be ideal for you.

  • To reach your financial goals quickly, you need an extra source of income. for example if you want to build a house, go on a vacation, take a professional or additional degree course, you want to get a decent accommodation, or buy an exotic car, to payoff an outstanding debt, or do you want to invest in the future like on stocks, bond etc, or you want to acquire some choice assets, and so on. You can meet with all of your financial goals by picking up a side job.
  • Assuming, you want to build your own business and quit your 9 to 5 job, starting with a side business is the first step to take. Many do not have the money to start a business from the scratch, but with a slow accumulation of money and experience over time will be a great idea for some. This will help you to test run the business to see if it is worth doing on the long run.
  • With more influx of daily income, your income stream can be expanded. Its quite a lovely idea to have multiple sources of income. Through this means, you will have a solid financial backup plan and then be able to reach your financial goal faster or even take up some projects. If you are hard working and cand put in extra hours to your business, then you’re a step away to financial freedom.
  • Do non’t waste your free period, use it to make something extra for yourself. Once in a bad financial situation, instead of getting worked up on yourself to death, use the free time to take up an extra job and sort out yourself. Just think up something you can do, probably an online business you can take up.
  • You can spend time and money on things stuff you fantasize about. When there is an extra money on you. Remember to give yourself a special treat from time to time without nursing the fear of draining off your pocket. Always pay yourself for the job well done weekly or monthly.
  • It gives confidence to realise that you can actually do it. I mean, you felt that it may not be easy at the beginning, but as time progresses, you find out that you are equal to the task. This will boost your self-confidence and even inspire you to achieve more.

For stay-at-home mums looking after the home front or a student(s) at home due to school union strike action or you are one who aspire to be entrepreneur, this could be an amazing opportunity for you to earn legitimately without falling into the hands of scammers or bad friends or peer pressure.

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