How To Get a Bachelor Degree in 12 Months

how to get a bachelor degree in 12 months

Did you realize that you may take college-level courses while still in high school? During the academic year and summer vacation, community colleges and universities offer online and traditional on-campus courses.

If you decide this is the option for you, the most important thing to do is check with your selected colleges to establish whether and how the college courses will transfer.

Similarly, if your high school offers Advanced Placement (AP) courses, which are essentially college-level courses, you can enroll in them.

These units should count toward your bachelor’s degree, so that when you begin college for the first time, you will already have completed units toward your degree.

Numerous individuals can earn an associate’s degree at a community college. Although this option will still need four years of study, it will allow you to acquire a bachelor’s degree from an expensive university in less time.

In this case, students can apply their associate’s degree credits toward a bachelor’s degree, reducing the cost of their bachelor’s degree studies.

As the name suggests, some universities offer accelerated degree programs that move at a faster pace than traditional degree programs. These programs accelerate your education by delivering the same knowledge and amount of credits in less time.

Consider summer semesters

If you are determined to complete your degree in 12 months, you should enroll in summer semesters instead of taking semester breaks.

List of 10 Bachelor Degree in 12 Months you can get 

Here are some of the most expedient Bachelor Degree in 12 Months:

  1. Business and Commerce
  2. Math and Science
  3. Creative Arts
  4. Computers and Technology
  5. Teaching and Education
  6. Law and Criminal Justice
  7. Sports and Physical Education
  8. Graphics and Multimedia
  9. Health Services Administration
  10. Environmental Nutrition.

1. Business and CommerceEmerging Modes of Business Class 11 Notes | Business and economics,  Electronic business, Business studies

In a variety of business and commerce-related professions, it is possible to earn a bachelor’s degree in one year. Due to the importance of finance to business and commerce, many of these degrees require familiarity with numbers.

Other available degrees include accounting, business administration, entrepreneurship, merchandising management, sales and customer service, tourism and hotel management.

2.  Math and Science

Bachelor Degree in 12 Months are available in a range of math and science disciplines. Math programs train students for a range of industries of employment. This discipline covers elementary and intermediate arithmetic concepts.

Students get access to algebra, geometry, elementary and advanced calculus, and statistics.

3. Creative Arts

The creative arts curriculum enhances the artistic and creative ability of students. In creative arts programs, students study majors such as dance, writing, painting, and sculpture.

Degree possibilities include communications and media arts, digital art, fine arts, multimedia, musical theatre, and theatrical technology.

These degree options prepare students for immediate employment or further education in related subjects.

4. Computers and Technology

Maintaining computer and Internet networks in businesses, organizations, and the government requires personnel.

Various colleges offer a number of related Bachelor Degree in 12 Months, including computer information systems, computer repair, computer support and operations, computer systems, and network technology.

You can also study web design, help desk support, and computer sketching and design.

5. Teaching and Education

Bachelor Degree in 12 Months, granting colleges provide a variety of degrees in teaching and education. There are vacant positions in both public and private schools as well as in daycare facilities. Degree options include childhood education, adolescent education, and educational psychology.

6. Law and Criminal Justice2,446 Criminal Justice Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock

Students of law and criminal justice are prepared to engage in community service and protection, serve as the first line of defense for targeted individuals, and aid others in need. Among other options, students might major in criminal justice, economic crime investigation, or paralegal studies.

In paralegal courses, both legal theory and the practical components of assisting legal officers are taught. Students majoring in law and criminal justice are adequately qualified for careers in the federal, state, and local levels of government.

7. Sports and Physical Education

Weight and health challenges are simply two of the several significant issues that children and adults encounter. These difficulties can be mitigated by professionals with degrees in sports or physical education. The curriculum includes instruction on nutrition, dieting, health, and exercise techniques.

8. Graphics and Multimedia

Graphics and multimedia careers are expanding and in high demand. This program’s curriculum is designed to train ambitious professionals in Graphic Design, Animation, and Multimedia.

This program teaches Introduction to Design, Design Methodology & Process, Digital Design, Design Fundamentals and Visual Literacy, Drawing Fundamentals for Graphic Representation, VFX course curriculum, Visual narratives and sequential structure, Web technology and interactivity, Fundamentals of digital photography, Advanced drawing for Structural Representation, Materials and Production Process, etc.

9. Health Services Administration

The health services administration Bachelor Degree in 12 Months program will provide students with advanced computer skills, business and marketing principles, and knowledge of anatomy and physiology.

10. Bachelor of Education

A nutrition degree broadens your understanding of nutrient science and its effects, as well as the social factors that impact nutrition. The course covers food science, food production, and physiology, as well as legislation, psychosocial issues, and behavior.

You can pursue your interest or expertise in the field immediately following high school or after a few years of employment. A Bachelor Degree in 12 Months in your chosen field, such as public health, global health, sport, or animal nutrition and feed, can assist you in becoming an expert in your field within a year.

Frequently Asked Questions on how to get a bachelor degree in 12 months

Is a bachelor degree in 12 months worth it?

Only you know your highest priorities. Nobody likes to waste time on unnecessary courses or lectures on topics they already understand.

Choosing a degree program based on how quickly it may be completed, on the other hand, does not guarantee that you will escape these negative outcomes. If you choose a program based on its quality, you will experience this issue far less frequently.

Perhaps you seek a degree because you are aware that, on average, college graduates earn more money. Or you may prefer a position that requires simply a bachelor’s degree. However, the degree you pursue may have a substantial effect on your earning potential and drastically affect the skills you acquire.

Where can I earn a bachelor degree in 12 months?

The following schools offer Bachelor Degree in 12 Months:

Can I get a bachelor degree in 12 months?

Online bachelor’s degrees can be completed in as little as one year, as opposed to four! Because these programs uphold a high standard of quality, perseverance and concentration are necessary to stay on track and fulfill all criteria.


The programs and universities on this list offer excellent opportunities to complete your degree faster; nevertheless, your graduation rate ultimately depends on how hard you are willing to work. If you’re committed to finishing quickly and have the time, you can take more credits every semester or quarter. Choosing the right program and institution can make it easier to shave months or even years off your degree program, but you’ll still need to put out the effort to genuinely reduce your degree completion time.


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