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How To Download

How to Download

Don’t Know How To Download?

Worry no more we got you covered. Movie Download on is easy in 3 steps, just follow these steps.

Step One

Visit (Since you’re here you’re in the right place!)

Step Two

Locate the movie you would like to download and click on the image or caption.

Step Three

Once you click on it you will be redirected to the movie’s page, you may have to close an ad or two. Once on the movie page go ahead an click on the red “Download Movie” option.


We recommend you use Chrome for your downloads. Opera Mini may not work properly.

Step Four

You would be redirected to a server page which would mirror any of these two options below.

Option One

Select/click on the “Download File” option to start downloading immediately.

Option Two

Wait for the movie to start to stream. Once the movie has started streaming you will see three dots, click on the three dots and a DOWNLOAD button will appear once, click on it and your download will start immediately.

Disclaimer does not claim ownership of any movie on this site. If your copyrighted material has been uploaded or links to your copyrighted material has been uploaded kindly click here to file a take down notice

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