How To Cut and Sew Bumper Jacket With HOOD

Bumper jacket with hood

Bumper Jacket with hood is quite becoming a household attire during raining season or winter season. People tend to align with it quickly because its sleek and trendy. You will learn how to cut and sew a bumper jacket with hood from scratch to finish. You will be able to make your own jacket at the end of this tutorial.

bumper jacket with hood

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In this video i showed how to cut a hood, the easiest way to cut a bomber jacket and how to sew the hood and the bomber jacket. I made this with an ankara print and it came out lovely! Please Like, Comment and Subscribe…Oh! Don’t forget to turn on the notification bell🔔 so you never miss a post!

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I explained in details the step-by-step easy and fastest way to make a bomber jacket which is perfect for winter . This is a very easy tutorials that is beginner friendly, I first of all showed how to draft a basic bodice which I later modified in to a basic bodies for bomber jacket. This video is as simple as A,B,C. the tutorial is a mixture of #patterndrafting #howtosew #howtocutandsewbomberjacket #bomberjacket #ankarabomberjacket

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