How to Become a Professional Pet Groomer in 5 Easy Ways

how to become a professional pet groomer

How to Become a Professional Pet Groomer

Dog, cat, and other pet owners can get cleaning and cosmetic services from pet groomers. Haircutting, washing, style, ear cleansing, and nail clipping are some of these services. Learn how to become a professional pet groomer by reading further.

Essential Information

Animal groomers are skilled at bathing animals, and they may also style animals to improve their appearance and keep them clean. Additionally, groomers can be interested in starting their own company or participating in events for purebred animals. Although there are relevant tertiary education programs available, a high school diploma or GED is the very minimum degree needed for a job in animal grooming. Candidates may want to think about obtaining an associate’s degree in animal care or an animal grooming diploma or certificate. To learn the skill, they can also think about doing an apprenticeship with an established groomer. The National Dog Groomers Association of America offers voluntary certification.

  • Minimum Educational Requirements: A high school diploma or a GED; undergraduate degree, certificate, and diploma programs are offered.
  • Additional Requirements: An apprenticeship or on-the-job training
  • Certificate: Voluntary
how to become a professional pet groomer
how to become a professional pet groomer


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Requirements for Animal Groomer Education

A high school graduation or GED is typically required for grooming employment, as well as completion of an on-the-job training program. Additionally, those who are interested in working with animals can enroll in a professional pet grooming school program or take part in a less formal apprenticeship program with an established groomer to gain the necessary vocational skills. Apprenticeships typically last one to two months and begin with one part of grooming before gradually adding new processes until the student is prepared to master animal trimming and styling.

Students who are interested in a career in animal grooming might enroll in a certificate or diploma program. Additionally, students take classes in dog and cat anatomy, grooming and bathing methods, fundamentals of animal handling, and dog breed classifications. Some universities provide associate’s degree programs in animal care that feature more course options in topics like small and large animal care, animal behavior, and small business management.

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How to Become a Professional Pet Groomer

Step 1. Do your homework

Pet groomers may not make a lot of money, but for people who love animals, this can be a fulfilling profession. It can be physically taxing and distressing, and there’s a chance that uncooperative pets will bite. Make sure this is the proper job for you as a first step before taking this path.

Online research on this field will teach you about grooming methods and various looks for various breeds. There are specific requirements for cats and other pets, and you must learn how to clip a dog’s nails, brush its teeth, and trim its fur. Watch grooming tutorial videos online. If you can, make friends with a skilled dog groomer and ask if you may watch a grooming session to obtain a better understanding of what goes on.

Additionally, give washing a dog a shot if you’ve never done it before!

Step 2: Enroll in a Pet Grooming Course

Since there is no such thing as a dog grooming license or pet grooming degree, you don’t need to worry about how to obtain one. However, pet grooming classes can be taken both on-site and online, and while they are not required, they are strongly advised. Look into local pet-grooming programs to see if you can locate a reputable one that offers hands-on instruction. There are other online courses accessible, however in this subject, practical knowledge may be the finest teacher.

how to become a professional pet groomer
how to become a professional pet groomer

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Step 3: Acquire Experience at Entry Level Jobs

Find a method to jump in because no matter how much studying you’ve done, you’ll eventually need to get your hands dirty. You might look for an internship or volunteer your services at any establishment that grooms animals. You might work as a groomer’s helper, which often entails bathing animals while a skilled groomer takes care of the rest.

Learn about some of the local pet groomers and ask whether they need your aid to advance their careers. Ask them about the abilities required to become a cat or dog groomer. They may initially offer you little to no compensation, but if they are pleased with your abilities, you might have discovered your next employer.

Step 4: Go after Certification

Although it undoubtedly helps, formal certification is not required to work as a pet groomer. For information on how to become a licensed pet groomer, look up the National Dog Groomers Association of America. You must pass written exams as well as the required courses and/or workshops before you can show off your canine grooming abilities.

Step 5: Start Working

Ideally, you have already narrowed down possible employers you can contact for steady job through your education and networking. Pet megastores, veterinary offices, pet grooming salons, and mobile service providers should all be investigated.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Level of Dog-grooming Demand?

Market for Pet Grooming Services Continues to Expand Healthily.
This is a result of people becoming more concerned of the hygiene and health of pets. These forecasts include a rise in pet grooming service demand, which is anticipated to exceed $3 billion by 2026.

How much Money is made by Dog Groomers?

In London, UK, a dog groomer has a median pay of £25,107.

Is it possible for me to Groom Dogs out of my Garage?

Yes! If you have sufficient space and a safe atmosphere, it’s entirely possible to run a dog grooming business from the comfort of your own home. You can save money by working from home, and your work schedule is more flexible.

What is the ideal Education for grooming Dogs?

There is no predetermined path or list of requirements to become a dog groomer. To make yourself stand out from the throng, a course in grooming, style, or animal welfare would be helpful. If you take the time to receive professional training, your clients will know they can put their animal family members in your care.

how to become a professional pet groomer
how to become a professional pet groomer


Make your goal of opening your own business a reality. You will require initial funds to pay for materials and a workspace, a strong business strategy, and possibly a business license. You have the option of working from home, a mobile pet grooming business, or your own pet salon.


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