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8 Scientific Reasons To Have A Dog At Home

8 scientific reasons to have a dog at home

But, did you know that owning a dog has a slew of benefits, many of which are scientifically proven? Is it true that having a dog as a pet has a significant impact on your health and happiness – to the point where it alters your life? Take a look at the following 8 Scientific Reasons To Have A Dog At Home and make your own decision! Take a look at how dogs can make a difference in your life.

I can’t imagine my home without a loving, doe-eyed, wet-nosed, tail-wagging companion, as a lifelong fan of the canine species. Whether they’re scruffy, little, and full of attitude, or a massive, bear-like beast towering over your dining table. Dogs have a far greater impact on our lives than we realize. They’ve been nicknamed “man’s best friend” for millennia.

1. Increased allergy resistance

High allergy resistance

The more time you spend with animal pals, the more your body becomes accustomed to allergens and the intensity of allergic reactions diminishes. Did you know, though, that introducing a dog at home to your child before they ar e born has a significant health impact? A study published in Microbiome, a scientific research magazine, in 2017 emphasized the benefits of having a dog during pregnancy. The study found that children with two crucial allergy-fighting bacteria in their system, Oscillospira and Ruminococcus, had fewer common allergies after birth. These two bacteria not only lowered the risk of common allergies, but they also linked to a lower risk of asthma, obesity, and eczema.

2. You Will Be Healthy And Less Prone To Sickness

To have a dog at home

Isn’t it true that the more we sterilize our home, the healthier we are? While cleaning advertising may lead us to believe this, constant, high levels of antibacterial disinfection do not always imply a cleaner environment. The less viruses our bodies are exposed to, the less likely we are to learn how to naturally overcome them. Fortunately, dog owners don’t have to look far to find a wide variety of bacteria – all they have to do is look to their pet. According to another study, germs discovered on dogs contribute to biodiversity, which may be helpful to our health. What exactly does it all imply? People who have a dog at home appear to develop a stronger immune system, resulting in a stronger, healthier body that is less susceptible to illness.

3. You’ll Get More Exercise, because Dogs Love To Walk

Your dog will have to walk several times a day, so it will automatically increase your physical activity. It also does not count playtime. If you add all that extra gait, you will see an increase in cardiovascular activity. This is a great health benefit as it significantly reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease for those that have a dog at home.

4. Your Heart Can Grow stronger, Leading To Better Health

better health

The more you exercise, the better your health will be. As such, your mind will also improve and become stronger before you know it. A 2017 Chinese study found a scientific link between to have a dog at home and reducing the risk of coronary artery disease. Believe it or not, just stroking the fur at its best can lower your blood pressure and heart rate.

5. It Boosts Mood And Happiness While It Decreases Anxiety And Depression

boost happiness

A 2016 article published in Habri Central, a publication that explores the human-animal interaction, discussed various advantages of keeping a pet. Social isolation, anxiety, depression, loneliness, and stress were all reduced when people interacted with animals on a regular basis.

A domestic animal like a dog helped people manage their mental health conditions by providing comfort, security, emotional support, and a sense of routine. In essence, having a beloved pet to look after motivates you to look after yourself. Interacting with a beloved pet also produces oxycontin, the “feel good” hormone, in the brain. It naturally raises your mood and happiness levels and reducing anxiety and despair.

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6. It’s A Great Way To Meet New People

to have a dog at home

You’ll be able to meet new people, establish new acquaintances, and even join social networks if you have a sociable companion by your side. To have a dog at home was considered as an effective tool to create new relationships and maintain strong social networks in a 2015 study published in the scholarly journal PLOS/ONE.

7. Dogs Can Teach Children About Compassion

Dog teaches companionship to children

How do you instill compassion, empathy, and caring in your children? Having a dog is the answer. Childhood attachment to pets was linked to compassion and encouraged positive attitudes toward animals. In a 2017 study published in PMC, the U.S. National Library of Medicine and Health.

When it came to pet attachment, children with dogs scored the highest. Additionally, youngsters with a canine friend were shown to be able to “control their emotions,”. Have a dog at home that responds quickly and easily to a child’s “attachment-related behavior.”

8. Gives Less Stress At Home And Even At Work

Dogs’ unique capacity to reduce tension and worry in their owners’ lives surely carries over into daily living, including work. If you’re one of the fortunate few who can bring their pets to work, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of their calming impact all day long – as will your coworkers, of course. What happens if there is less stress at work? Productivity rises, and work happiness rises with it.


Despite the fact that I’ve just listed eight benefits of owning a dog, I believe the list is virtually unlimited. But, having had the privilege of living with and loving five dogs over the years, you could say I’m a little biased.

Dogs, in my opinion, are far more than just a pet to look after, feed, and play with whenever the mood strikes. They’re your quiet listener, your shoulder to cry on when no one else is around. They anxiously wait for you — their favorite person – at the door as the focus of their universe. They remind you of the pleasant things in life, of how to laugh and play with abandon.

When you don’t know how to read a human or approach another person, you don’t have to fear since dogs are unconditionally accepting. As I stated at the outset of this article, dogs are man’s best friend for a reason. They are unwaveringly loyal and endlessly loving.

To have a dog at home, like everything else in life, has its drawbacks. It’s also crucial to think about the disadvantages before adopting a dog, because owning a dog is a long-term commitment. But, if you can get over the minor challenges that dogs might provide, your new pet will undoubtedly enrich your life, and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without one!

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