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7 Things To Know Before Owning a Dog Breed In Nigeria

Dog breed

Before obtaining a dog breed, there are a few things you need do to prepare yourself and your home for a new furry buddy. Before you decide to bring home a new puppy, there are a lot of decisions to make and things to consider—where should the puppy sleep on its first night, who will be around to care for it, do you have all the materials on hand? Don’t succumb to impulse and bring a puppy home at an inopportune time. Do your homework first. Find out if you’re ready for a dog breed and how to get one responsibly. Learn how to prepare for your new dog and how to properly raise that dog. In this article, we will be looking at 7 things you need to know before owning a dog breed in Nigeria.

1. How Ready Are You For The Dog?

Puppies can be irresistible, however they’re additionally extraordinarily time-consuming. If you’ve got got by no means had a pup, then you definitely won’t recognize what you`re approximately to get into. It’s one factor to be prepared to get a dog, in particular an grownup dog. Raising a pup calls for an excellent better stage of commitment. This is among the among the 7 things you need to know before owning a dog breed n Nigeria.
Young dogs want to be fed 3 to 4 instances a day. All dog breed want to be taken out of doors right away after consuming or ingesting in order to do away with unnecessary food eaten. Puppies may have injuries withinside the residence whilst they’re nevertheless being residence-trained. That can imply a whole lot of easy up.

a. Can you wake up at intervals in midnight for the dog?

A pup would possibly wake you up numerous instances at some point of the night, because the pup desires to move out of doors, or it’d simply be due to the fact the pup is bored.
A younger pup can not be left on my own for a number of hours. The pup need to live in a crate whilst on my own; this aids in residence education and maintains the pup from chewing up the whole thing for your residence. However, after some hours, a dog can not maintain its bladder (and every now and then bowels too).

b. Can you afford to loss some gadgets to the dog?

Puppies may be destructive. They need to explore, chew, lick, and likely even devour matters of their environment. They do not know manners and can act unruly or hyperactive. All dogs want to study and socialized; in addition they want a whole lot of exercise. These matters take a whole lot of time.

c. Can you share your work time with the dog?

Are you ready to return back from work at noon to take care of your pup? Can you manage being woken up at the center of the night? Are you capable of spend numerous hours every week running on education and socialization? What approximately another pets or human beings for your domestic? Will a pup be too disruptive
If you get a younger pup, be organized to spend a whole lot of more time with it, in particular for the first few months. If this feels like too much, however you continue to need a dog, recollect adopting an grownup dog.

2. What Dog Breeds Fits Your Temperament?

So you weighed the pros and cons of owning a puppy and decided it was time to take the puppy to your home. Congrats! Now it’s time to set out to find your new little companion. But where do you start from? First, decide which dog breed is right for you. Make a list of features you must have, you like, and you absolutely don’t want.

3. Know Where to Buy Your Dog Breed

Once you’ve decided on the type of puppy you want, start looking.
If possible, consider hiring a dog first. Mongrel dogs are absolutely great and very underrated. Your local animal shelter or animal rescue group has adorable mixed breed puppies waiting home. Even if you’re not sure if a mongrel dog is right for you, it’s worth going to a local animal shelter or rescue group to meet your puppy. You may just fall in love with the dog!
Maybe you really decided to have a purebred dog. Many people need to know more about what dog breeds they like and what they expect when a dog is fully grown. Factors such as size and coat type are highly predictable in purebred dogs. Health concerns, temperament, and energy levels are somewhat predictable, but not guaranteed.
Anyone who decides to buy a purebred dog must take responsibility. Find a reputable and experienced dog breeder. Avoid backyard dog growers. Never buy from a pet store as their dogs often come from puppy mills. Don’t buy dogs from flea markets or classified ads. These puppies come from an unknown background and can be unhealthy.
If you find the right puppy for you, it feels just right. Most owners will tell you that the four-legged companion actually chose them, not the other way around!

4. You Need To Dog Proof Your House

It is critical that you prepare your home before your small friend arrives. Make every effort to puppy-proof your entire home. Destructive dog breed behavior is typical, annoying, and potentially hazardous to your dog. Your dog will undoubtedly seek out all of the small dangers.

The best way to keep your puppy safe is to always supervise your puppy. Keep your puppy in a crate while you’re away (if your puppy is young, don’t leave it for more than a few hours). Your dog should not be allowed the entire range of the house until they are old and well trained.

5. You Need To Stock up on Dogs Supplies

Before you bring your new puppy home, you’ll need a lot of dog accessories. Let’s start with the basics before there are many things you don’t need, such as toys that puppies don’t like or beds that puppies don’t sleep on. There are definitely a few things you need to do to get started.

6. You Need To Know How To Raise Your Dog Properly

Set up the structure ahead of time if there will be more than one person in your home who will interact with the puppy. When does the puppy get fed and walked, and who is responsible for it? Ascertain that all parties agree on the puppy’s travel restrictions. Collaborate to ensure that the training is consistent. If you have children, make sure they understand how to act around dogs. If there are other pets in the house, make sure they’ve been properly introduced and are always supervised.

7. You Need To Locate Dog Veterinarian in Your Neighborhood

Your new dog ought to go to your veterinarian for the primary time inside some days of coming domestic with you. It is vital for the dog to have a bodily exam, even though no vaccines are due. This is a hazard to make certain there aren’t anything any fitness issues that went undetected through the breeder, shelter, or rescue group.
It`s fine to discover a suitable veterinarian earlier than when you have an emergency. Then you’ll have the vet covered up and now no longer need to rush to locate one. Look for a veterinary workplace with a first rate recognition in a handy region for you. Make certain their costs are cheap for you. The fine manner to discover a suitable vet is to invite round and research. Talk to pals and own circle of relatives contributors with pets. Look at on-line reviews. You may even need to move take a excursion of the health facility and meet the group of workers to get a sense for the place.
On your dogs first go to, make certain to convey all of the office work supplied through the breeder or adoption group. Your vet will do the exam and speak the dog vaccination time table with you. Every dog breed want numerous middle vaccinations, starting at six weeks of age. Some vaccines require a booster inside a 12 months of the closing dose withinside the preliminary vaccination series.


None of these things, in my opinion, are a problem or a reason why I shouldn’t acquire a dog. However, everyone is different, and some people may have a different perspective.

Having a dog has far more benefits than drawbacks for me. A dog breed can enhance and improve your life in a variety of ways. If these disadvantages do not deter you from adopting your new best buddy, I advise you to do so!

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