15 Harmful Human Foods Your Dog Shouldn’t Eat

Our digestive system works differently than theirs. We humans indulge in so many things that they can’t digest or are toxic to them. In this article, we take a look at 15 Harmful Human Foods Your Dog Shouldn’t Eat and why it’s dangerous for them.

15 Harmful Human Foods Your Dog Shouldn’t Eat

Dogs don’t need much meat in their diet. They can squeeze out some nutrients from fruits and vegetables also. Be selective with what you feed them and look after them properly to ensure that the food isn’t harmful.

1. Garlic and Onions

15 Harmful Human Foods Your Dog Shouldn’t Eat

Any herbs of the general Allium species can cause gastrointestinal discomfort. With constant use, it can cause damage in the red blood cells and a terminal disease called anemia. Pussy cats are more responsive to the destructive effects of vegetables like onions, chives, and garlic. If eaten in excess, dogs can become quite ill.

2. Meat and Eggs Not Properly Cooked

15 Harmful Human Foods Your Dog Shouldn’t Eat

Because your dog’s ancestors, such as the wild wolves, were able to kill and eat any animal raw. It doesn’t make raw meat ideal for dogs. Over time, dogs have been improved, and many of the chemical reactions or oxides that allow them to eat raw foods have been destroyed.

Raw meat and eggs contains bacteria like salmonella and E. coli. These organisms quickly cause problems on dog’s digestive system. Raw eggs also have an active enzyme called avidin. This enzyme lowers most pet’s ability to absorb biotin and the absence of biotin causes skin and coat issues.

3. Too Much Sodium Contents

15 Harmful Human Foods Your Dog Shouldn’t Eat

Most snacks are being loaded with (sodium) salt. A large amount of salt is not safe for your dog to ingest. It leads to too much thirst and peeing, much like in humans.

High degree of the sodium ion in your dog’s body leads to food poisoning in your pet. The symptoms include diarrhea, vomiting, depression, high body temperature, tremors, and untimely death. Try as much as possible to avoid feeding dogs pretzels, potato chips, or salty popcorn.

4. Alcohol

15 Harmful Human Foods Your Dog Shouldn’t Eat

After a stressful long day, a bottle of beer or a glass of wine can give some soothing relieve. Well, alcoholic beverages and food containing traces of alcohol can be disastrous for your dog. It can lead to vomiting and diarrhea.

Just as in humans, it causes depression to the central nervous system and lead to difficulty while breathing, tremors, coma, and untimely death. Their body physiological build up is not meant to digest alcohol. If you give your pet alcohol, contact the Animal Poison Control Center or your veterinarian as soon as possible.

5. Yeast

15 Harmful Human Foods Your Dog Shouldn’t Eat

Yeast dough in your dog’s system such as bread, pizza, hamburger can lead to uncomfortable quantities of gas and stress. It can cause stomach bloating, which can be a life-threatening emergency, if it causes the small intestines to tangle. Never you give your dog’s raw bread dough or bread raised using yeast to eat.

6. Nuts

15 Harmful Human Foods Your Dog Shouldn’t Eat

Do not give your dog any kind of nut except peanuts because they are a legume and not a nut.

Avoid nuts such as almonds, pecans, and walnuts as they all add to pancreatitis if eaten too often. They have high amounts of fats and oils, which causes vomiting and running stomach.

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7. Avacado

15 Harmful Human Foods Your Dog Shouldn’t Eat

Avocado is a superfood for us humans, but it doesn’t sit well with dogs and other household pets. They don’t have problems with avacado as horses and birds will, but it is still difficult for them to digest. When taken in large quantities, it can lead to cardiovascular issues.

8. Caffeine

15 Harmful Human Foods Your Dog Shouldn’t Eat

As we live off of coffee comfortably, our dogs shouldn’t because caffeine contains a substance called methylxanthines. Which when eaten or swallowed by your dog, it can lead to nauseating and diarrhea, too much thirstiness, frequent urination, panting, super activity, tremors, seizures, and could cause an untimely death of dogs. That is to say you should keep your coffee all to yourself.

9. Candy

15 Harmful Human Foods Your Dog Shouldn’t Eat

Sugar is not necessarily needed and it’s harmful in your dog’s food. There could be times when you can let them eat small piece of something sugary, but eating a little sugar frequently can cause severe reactions. The sweetners and preservatives in candy causes hyperactivity and increases heart rate. If the dog eats them than necessary, it eventually causes diabetes and some unhealthy amounts of weight gain.

10. Chocolate

15 Harmful Human Foods Your Dog Shouldn’t Eat

Chocolate is of candy and coffee categories because of the cocoa seed used to make chocolate has methylxanthines. This Chocolate is highly toxic for dogs, and we should never get into the act of giving them this tasty treat. Dark chocolate is the more hazardous because it has the highest percentage of cocoa, mixed with baking soda. White chocolate with the lowest quantity of methylxanthines, should not be given to dogs.

11. Citrus Fruit

15 Harmful Human Foods Your Dog Shouldn’t Eat

You might have seen various trending videos of some persons feeding their dog lemon and lemon juice. While it is funny and entertaining, it is endangering the life of those puppies if they continue with those practices. To start with citrus fruits contain acid. These fruits essential oils causes irritation and even some swelling in your dog’s mouth and throat.

If your dog eats in excess any part of a citrus plant, it can lead to depression of their central nervous system. Although, they have to take in excess large quantities of citrus fruit for this to happen. The citrus fruit won’t give them any health challenge if taken in small doses but in excess quality it will upset their stomach.

12. Coconut

15 Harmful Human Foods Your Dog Shouldn’t Eat

Unlike chocolate and coffee, you don’t have to be overly careful with coconut. Coconut and its products do not harm pets in small amounts like coconut oil. Fresh milk from coconut can sometimes cause loose stools and diarrhea. It’s best to be careful when serving something with coconut to your dog.

13. Bones

15 Harmful Human Foods Your Dog Shouldn’t Eat

Can’t you give your dog a bone? But what about all the bones sold in pet stores all over the country? Have we always fed puppies dangerous food? No, this is not always the case. Bone obtained directly from animals and cooked is different from bone processed by pet food companies. You can feed dog bones from something like livestock, but never feed bird bones as they will be debris. You should not give them cooked bones as they can also splinter and clog your throat.

14. Dairy Products

Diary Product
15 Harmful Human Foods Your Dog Shouldn’t Eat

Animals such as dogs and cats cannot break down significant amounts of lactose. They do not have the enzyme lactase, which allows them to digest proteins properly. This often leads to diarrhea and vomiting. Do not give dog cheese, dairy-based sauces, or milk.

15. Grapes (That Contains Raisins)

15 Harmful Human Foods Your Dog Shouldn’t Eat

Grapes and raisins are pretty poisonous for dogs. Scientists haven’t begun to determine out what compound internal of grapes reasons the reaction. However, in case your canine eats grapes or raisins, it is able to purpose kidney failure even in smaller amounts.

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