12 Lovely Dog Breeds For First Time Families

12 Lovely Dog Breeds For First Time Families

Keeping a dog is a really exciting time. With thousands of dog breeds and hybrid breeds available, choosing the right breed for your first dog can be confusing. Below is a list of 12 Lovely Dog Breeds For First Time Families who hope to help you choose the best companion for your lifestyle.

Above all, you have to choose a dog that suits your lifestyle. re an active person who enjoys walking and running, choose a dog with a high energy level as well? If you prefer to stay indoors, choose one with lower energy requirements.

If you are looking for a child-friendly family dog, choose a dog that loves you equally and likes to participate and play in the fun without being overwhelmed. Do you have a cat? Choose a breed that is known to have good relationships with other animals.

12 Lovely Dog Breeds For Families

12 Lovely Dog Breeds For First Time Families

1. Papillon Dog Breed

12 Lovely Dog Breeds For First Time Families

Papillon has an almost imposing appearance. He is also very smart, responds well to positive training and makes friends with his entire family. His coat requires some brushing, but this variety actually suffers from minimal shedding.

He’s an energetic breed, but his size means he doesn’t need too much exercise to get tired. When he’s tired, he doesn’t like anything other than sitting on the owner’s lap.

2. Labrador Retriever Dog Breed

12 Lovely Dog Breeds For First Time Families

Not surprisingly, Labrador retrievers have been at the top of the list of American Kennel Club’s most popular varieties for almost 30 years. There are actually several reasons. The dog is friendly and mixes very well with people, dogs, and even cats.

Labrador retriever is used as a service dog because he is so smart and ready to rejoice. He is also active and energetic, so he needs regular exercise. Whether you are an individual or family looking for their first pet, he makes loyal, loving, and sensitive companions.

3. Golden Retriever Dog Breed

12 Lovely Dog Breeds For First Time Families

Golden retrievers are very similar to Labradors. Faithful and affectionate, he loves to show affection and is as happy as curling up in front of the fire or playing hard with his family.

His long hair makes him more attractive to some owners, but requires regular brushing to ensure that he has no tangles or knotted fur.

4. Poodle Dog Breed

12 Lovely Dog Breeds For First Time Families

Poodles are also a very popular variety. He is sensitive to training and requires regular exercise, but is very pleased with his attention and attention. This dog loves children and adults as well.

There is no such thing as a hypoallergenic dog coat, but the poodle coat is as close as you can get, but it does continuous care to ensure it looks the best. need to do it.

5. Cavalier King Charles Dog Breed

12 Lovely Dog Breeds For First Time Families

Cavalier King Charles is a bright little dog that can quickly transform from an energetic and playful dog to a lazy and depressed dog.

He still needs regular walks and his long coat needs to be careful not to get it dirty, but he is a great first dog because of his sweet and affectionate nature.

6. Shih Tzu Dog Breed

12 Lovely Dog Breeds For First Time Families

Shih Tzu is bred as a companion dog and is excellent today, especially on the owner’s lap. They have no hunting instinct. That is, they are friendly and friendly and should not cause problems even for other dogs and cats.

Due to its large size, it is popular as a lap dog, but keep in mind that the coat requires regular grooming.

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7. Whippet Dog Breed

12 Lovely Dog Breeds For First Time Families

The whippet looked like a small greyhound and was bred for the same purpose. He is known for not wanting to bark at all or little. Therefore, if noise is an issue, whippets are a good choice.

This variety is valued for its ability to sprint rather than durability, so it can be found on the same sofa as the Greyhound. He enjoys a lively run, but he shouldn’t trust the unstringed whippet.

8. Great Dane Dog Breed

12 Lovely Dog Breeds For First Time Families

The Great Dane might not look like the best first canine. He is, after all, a large canine breed. He may additionally will be predisposed to slobber and could want his face wiping. But he`s additionally distinctly soft, loves attention, and he’s going to continually intention to delight his master.

They additionally have especially low electricity degrees for a canine in their stature and might be greater than glad taking up the whole couch while stretching out.

9. Boxer Dog Breed

12 Lovely Dog Breeds For First Time Families

Boxers are energetic dogs and can be very demanding on your time, but look for a loyal and affectionate companion who loves to stay with you and exercise with you. If so, this variety is correct Put it in the right place.

He is also known to be a bit stupid, especially when he is young, but his playful and friendly nature makes him a great family pet.

10. Yorkshire Terrier Dog Breed

12 Lovely Dog Breeds For First Time Families

In many respects, the Yorkshire Terrier can be considered a great lap dog for first-time owners. They react to training when they are young. They love attention and love to sit on your lap.

But their coats are constantly growing. This means that you need not only regular brushing, but also trimming, especially around the eyes. Their affectionate nature, coupled with the fact that they require minimal daily exercise, makes them such a good choice.

11. Bichon Frise Dog Breed

12 Lovely Dog Breeds For First Time Families

The Bichon Frise is another breed described as “hypoallergenic” because even those with allergies usually have no trouble in the company of this breed. They crave attention and love affection.

They are relatively easy to train, and this small breed will thrive on one walk per day and plenty of time in your lap. The Bichon can be shy when first meeting strangers but will more than make up for it when he gets to know a person.

12. Cockapoo Dog Breed

Dog Breeds For First Time Families

Cockapoo is actually a hybrid variety that combines the benefits of both poodles and cocker spaniels. It requires regular brushing, but it’s easy to clean and train.

They love going out and adventuring, but they also enjoy staying home with other families as much as they do.


There are thousands of purebred and hybrid varieties that can be added to this list. Almost all of the popular Poodle hybrids like Labradoodle could have been added. I should have been able to put together an entire list of different colors in the lab, but there are varieties like Vizsla that are loyal and affectionate, but require more training.

Whichever breed you choose, make sure your needs fit your lifestyle and consider your puppy class so that both are accustomed to training. Also, don’t forget to look for a mongrel dog in your local animal shelter. Make exceptional family pets.

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